“The evolving and dynamic security environment, which includes disruptive changes in the character and conduct of warfare, demands immediate changes to the identification, education, preparation, and development of our joint warfighters.”
That’s a direct quote from the May 2020 Joint Chiefs of Staff Vision and Guidance for Professional Military Education (PME) & Talent Management. PME institutions at all levels were directed to re-look how and what they taught. Before comin gto the Army War College Marc Sanborn thought he knew what that meant based on previous experience in the PME enterprise, and it wasn’t good. Sanborn, a graduate of the AY21 Resident Course and a member of the unique Carlisle Scholars Program (CSP), suggests that CSP is exactly the type of program that meets the intent of the Joint Staff’s vision. He explains that CSP can be implemented widely, despite critics, and provide the academic rigor and benefit to the DoD that creates incredibly capable joint warfighters of the future.