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  1. Excellent analysis! Disinformation could certainly be classified as one of the most insidious weapons of cyber terrorism and cyber warfare. The Global Engagement Center (GEC) and a revitalized Active Measures Working Group (AMWG) are certainly viable countermeasures.

    Perhaps a modified approach or strategy would be to have the GEC or AMWG use existing truth litmus tests as well as create (or better utilize) new litmus vehicles. Every time a President of the U.S. (POTUS) delivers a State of the Union address, fact checkers immediately go to work [in addition to the before-the-delivery fact checking]. In recent months, every time POTUS sends a tweet, the fact checking wheels turn immediately on the accuracy of the message.

    Public domain fact checking resources include,, and The Department of Defense in general and the U.S. Army in particular are reluctant to communicate through vehicles other than [site].gov or [site].mil, and understandably so, but legitimate rebuttals are increasingly needed to counterbalance and refute frequent distortions of reality. Unfortunately, some distortions are deliberate, but other distortions seem to be heavily influenced by agendas, biases, logical fallacies, and sometimes apparent incompetence. Ethics involves a search for truth; ethos involves a culture of prizing, publishing, and perpetuating the truth.

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