July 18, 2024

To me what intellectual leadership means is to read more and study more and be a deep thinker, and I don’t think that’s what the secretary of defense wants us to do.

Words have meaning and all too often there is no common understanding of that intended meaning. When former Secretary of Defense Mattis placed an emphasis on intellectual leadership in “cultivating creative workforce talent” he surely had a specific idea in mind as to what that represented. Today’s panel takes a crack at just what intellect versus intelligence means and more importantly how to get after individual development.

COLs Terri Peterkin and Maurice Sipos along with Dr. John Bonin join Buck Haberichter in the studio to try and understand just what the SECDEF had in mind and just as importantly how to get to his desired end state. What should institutions of higher learning, leaders and mentors do to develop creative leaders?



COL Terrie Peterkin is a graduate of the U.S. Army War College AY19 Resident Course.  COL Maurice Sipos is a Professor of Organizational Studies at the U.S. Army War College. Dr. John Bonin is the Director Concepts and Doctrine Division at the Center for Strategic Leadership.  Col Buck Haberichter is the Managing Editor of WAR ROOM.

Photo: The Thinker, sculpture by Auguste Rodin, in Madrid.

Photo Credit: Carlos Delgado; CC-BY-SA

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