July 18, 2024

This was never meant to be the be all and the end all…let’s remember this title of my little 4-page magnum opus…’Toward An Understanding of Military Strategy’

A BETTER PEACE welcomes back U.S. Army Colonel (retired) Arthur F. Lykke for the second and final part of his interview. Having explained the birthplace of the three-legged-stool model in part one, Art goes on to share his thoughts on why his model has endured and his experiences in the classrooms of the Army War College and the potential of the students that attend it. Art once again joins the Chair of the Department of National Security and Strategy, Mark Duckenfield, and our own Editor-In-Chief Jacqueline Whitt.

Part 1

Colonel (retired) Arthur F. Lykke was a faculty instructor in the Department of National Security and Strategy. He is the author of “Toward an Understanding of Military Strategy.” Mark Duckenfield is Chair of the Department of National Security Strategy at the U.S. Army War College and Editor of the Whiteboard series on WAR ROOM. Jacqueline E. Whitt is an Associate Professor of Strategy at the U.S. Army War College and the Editor-in-Chief of WAR ROOM. The views expressed in this presentation are those of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect those of the U.S. Army War College, U.S. Army, or Department of Defense.

Photo Description: The Army War College Resident Class of 2019 seated for their graduation ceremonies on Carlisle Barracks. Taken 7 June 2019, these men and women have significantly grown personally and professionally since their arrival in August 2018.

Photo Credit: U.S. Army War College Photo

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